About Us

"Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction."

- Al Bernstein

Company Snapshot

  • Elyseum Capital Partners Limited (“Elyseum” or the “Company”) is a Dubai-based boutique financial services firm.
  • Elyseum is registered in the Dubai International Financial Center (“DIFC”), and is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”).
  • The Company offers a host of financial services, which can broadly be categorized as follows:
    • Corporate Advisory, which includes, Equity & Debt Advisory, Buy-side & Sell-side M&A Advisory
    • Wealth Management, including, Active Portfolio Management, Consolidation, Legacy Planning, etc.
  • Elyseum’s key management includes highly experienced professionals from the Wealth Management and Investment Banking, bringing together a wealth of experience in diverse, but complementary skill sets.
  • The Company's founder, Pierre Pissaloux is a career private banker with 30+ years of experience in the private banking/wealth management industry. He held leadership positions with global & regional private banks such as HSBC and Emirates NBD, among others.
  • The Head of Coporate Advisory, Ritesh Bhartiya brings with him 20+ years of experience in investment banking working with global firms such as Merrill Lynch, E&Y, KPMG, amonhg others.
  • The Elyseum team has deep understanding of their client’s background and hence offer them bespoke solutions to carefully cater to their financial needs such as returns, capital preservation, legacy planning, growth capital, divestment etc.
  • Elyseum’s target clients include High/Ultra High Net-worth Individuals, Family Offices, Corporates and Institutions. The professionals at Elyseum work closely with their clients to offer them innovative solutions for:
    • Strengthening their portfolios by unique portfolio construction using high-quality financial products and deals, and
    • Assisting them in their capital raising or divestment initiatives by giving access to private equity, bank and private debt.

Our Team's Capabilities

The highly experienced Elyseum team have achieved the following in their careers so far:

Why Elyseum?

  • Elyseum brings together like-minded professionals from different areas of financial services with a common goal of offering world-class financial solutions and deals to their clients
  • The team have previously worked in global banks and investment banks in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Our business interest covers the GCC, Levant, Turkey, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia, Africa & Europe
  • Given our years of experience in client management and service delivery, the Elyseum team spends considerable amount of time, in first understanding their client’s specific needs, and then crafting tailor-made solutions to suit their specific requirements.
  • Every transaction regardless of its size and complexity is treated with equal care and finesse.
  • Effective oversight and supervision by the Board of Directors, which is majorly comprised of non-executive members
  • Well-structured organizational structure exhibiting clearly defined reporting lines and authority delegation matrix.
  • Well-defined policies and procedures.
  • The Elyseum team takes a long-term view when offering products and deals to its clients.
  • Our greatest success factors are our independence, expertise and experience in dealing with high-quality financial solutions.
  • To gain access to high quality direct deals & placement opportunities, Elyseum enters into strategic partnerships with firms (well-known to the Elyseum Management) in the UK, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and works closely with its UHNW and HNW families.
  • These partnerships could be for market coverage, service offerings, direct deals, and private placement
  • Executive Committee: Directs all of Company’s activities
  • Asset Allocation Committee: Approves and oversees all asset allocations
  • Deals Selection Committee: Discusses all deals in the pipeline and selects the one that falls within the parameters set by the committee

Our Approach